God created food as medicine

If food is properly selected we will be able to obtain our nutrients from foods. Nutrient foods are such as sprouted grains, raw dairy, meat, fish, pastured chicken and pork. The difference will be felt when you begin to change your life with these foods.


Installing shower filters and using a bath ball in tubs, reverse osmosis system is good. It is ideal to add nutrients to energize filtered water for it to hydrate the cells of the body.


By eating nutrient foods the body has what it needs to function and detox naturally. Right amount of water helps the kidneys function well. The lymphatic system stirring through exercise like jogging and walking; will help the liver function well.

The body has two cycle in a day

The day active and the night healing. We should allow the body to go into the night healing .The main reason of sleep is to heal from activities and stressors of the day. It enables the process of rebuilding and regeneration of the body by providing renewed energy in the morning. Recommended that 6–9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

Specialist’s say 99 percent of all illness is due to an emotional conflict or prolonged stress. It is recommended that we resolve conflicts in the day by prayer, meditation, and lead peaceful life.


30 minutes every day is highly recommended.  Walking and jogging is good for the lymphatic system. Performing Yoga regularly will increase oxygen absorption

Sunshine every day

When the body is exposed to sunshine it will provide the vitamin D, which is essential for the body during different times of the year. It is good to spend a good amount of time outdoors as possible for fresh air.

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