What are YUVA's aims and objectives?

The main aim is to propagate drugless therapeutic cures to almost 95% of illness. Today 95% of illnesses are due to wrong dietary habits, sedentary lifestyles, and lack of exposure to sunlight. By correcting these and other factors we can help you to lead a life free of drugs, pain, stress, surgery, and disease.

What is nature cure?

Have you ever wondered why animals do not require, x-rays, CT scans, drugs, surgeries and hospitalization? The answer is they live life in accordance with the nature. No animal eats junk food, and no animal eats in excess. So if we eat natural food and respect rules of nature, rest assured we too can lead a disease-free life.

What are acute ailments?

Acute ailments such as cold, cough, sneezing, vomiting, headache, diarrhea etc. are body-cleansing means to eliminate accumulated waste and toxins from the body. They are not diseases, rather friends to our body.

What happens if I take medicines (e.g., cough syrup) for acute ailments?

When you suppress cold, cough, fever, sneezing etc. with chemically processed medicines, the underlying toxins that the body is trying to expel remain trapped inside the body, to which you add chemicals contained in the medication. When a toxin is not eliminated, the body pushes it out through other means such as pimples, boils, eczema, and skin eruptions.

What happens if I take creams or lotion for skin ailments?

A skin disease is a process of eliminating toxins from the body. If you ingest medicine or apply inorganic creams or lotions on the skin, you will aggravate the disease, not cure it. It may even lead to cancer.

What is diabetes? Is it right to take medicines for diabetes?

Type II diabetes is not at a disease. It is not a metabolic disorder, it is an eating disorder. Medicines only increase the potency of the disease. On regular intake of organic sattvic diet and practice of yoga, you could be cured without drugs.

What ailments can naturopathy treat? Who can benefit from this holistic method?

All diseases result in (1) stress and irregular lifestyle, (2) poor diet and eating habits, and (3) lack of sleep, exercise, and exposure to sunlight. These lead to accumulation of toxins in the body. If you are under medication, our methods will help you cut down the dosage of medicine. Naturopathy is for all. You don’t have to be ill to benefit from our treatment.

Is it right to vary treatment from organ to organ or to change medicines from disease to disease?

There is only one cause for all the diseases and thus only one cure. Your body is made up of the food you eat, air you breathe, and water you drink. We do not eat, drink, or breathe differently for different parts of the body. We do these for the body as a whole. So an ill body needs to be treated as a whole, not in parts. You need to correct what your body is made up of and do it without medicines. Correct your intake of the life-giving forces – food, air, water – and your body will correct itself automatically.

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