Consider these 10 simple questions:

1 Are you having a hard time getting 6-8 hours of sound sleep?

2 Do you snore?

3 Do you pass stools/ urine with much delay and difficulty?

4 Do you suffer from poor appetite and digestion? Or have you stopped relishing your food?

Dates that work best for me :

5 Do you experience body aches, swelling, tiredness, itching, and headache?

6 Does your stomach experience troubles related to bloating, burning, acidity and gas?

7 Is there unusually bad odor in your stools, urine, sweat and breath?

8 Upon rising in the morning, do you have nose block, throat irritation, cold, cough, sneezing, coated tongue, morning sickness, or sour burp?

9 Is your abdomen wider than your chest?

10 Do you struggle to be cool and composed with your family and others around your?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, it is an indication of worrying levels of toxins in your body and that the functioning of several of your organs need correction.

If you ignore your condition for over 3 months, you could be staring at chronic diseases that could do irreversible damage to your health.

Don’t ignore the signs. Act now.
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