Pollution and lack of oxygen in the air damage our body cells and cause hormonal imbalances, anxiety, worries and tension, and respiratory diseases. Our therapy pumps enormous amount of oxygen, which is primary food to our body cells. Ozone, which has an extra ion molecule of oxygen, eliminates free radicals responsible for afflictions such as arthritis, hypertension, asthma, skin ailments, and nervous tension. It addresses lifestyle disorders and stops premature aging. This therapy has no side effects and is cost effective too.

A natural element found in the atmosphere, an ozone molecule has three atoms of oxygen. Oxygen is energized to obtain the medical form of ozone. It is widely used to treat viral, bacterial, and fungal attacks. Ozone is critical role in expelling unwanted chemicals and organisms from the human body. This therapy cleans the tissues and also nourishes them, so that the patient regains good health. Through this therapy, tissues in the body unable to receive oxygen due to blockage of blood flow receive oxygen. It has been very effective in treating heart diseases, cancer, Parkinsonism and high levels of infections.

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